Process-automation for lashings

Multi-functional production line for the automation of the confection of all kind of lashings and heavy-duty belts.

Our lines are combining various production steps und offers you drastic time-savings and big production output increases.
  • Automatic unrolling, feeding, cutting to the needed length for all kinds of belts and straps
  • Flexible adjustment of product length
  • Automatic feeding of hooks in different variations
  • Automatic feeding of ratchets
  • ALL process steps are fully automated!
  • All kind of sewing heads can be implemented
  • Automatic detection and cutting-off of error marks
  • Applicable for all types of tension straps, lashings, etc., including the most diverse types of hooks and ratchets

Your advantages:

  • Big savings of production time
  • Drastic production output increase
  • Easy handling with minimal cycle time
  • Constant quality improvement
  • Different (sewing-) process steps can be combined
  • With our new Bobbin-Case Exchanger, the line can run during breaks and after end of work
  • Fully automated concept, only one person is needed to load the parts
  • Labels can be attached without any problems, too.


Our latest RSG Narrow-Matic production-unit:
Version „Tie-Down“ for heavy materials like lashings with extra-large sewing areas