For automotive textiles we offer fully- and semi automated solution concepts and manufacturing lines

  • Straps and belts (safety and seat belts for vehicles, industry and recreation, heavy duty belts, harnesses, etc.)
  • Seat covers (for vehicles, airplanes, trains)
  • Car carpets
  • Facilities for airbags

RSG Seat-Belt Manufacturing Concepts

Our unique concepts offer unimagined possibilities for the automated manufacturing of seat belts and security belts with POKA-YOKE safety measures in all variations.

The following components can be integrated by modules into our patented belt assembly line:

pin-feeder, retractor unit, end fitting, silencer, butterfly, long and cross folder, rivet attachment, cliché printer, laser, barcode reader, etc.

We assemble the line for you according to your ideas and requirements. Many well-known automobile suppliers modernized their production with our belt manufacturing equipment and have been among our most loyal customers for many years.