Innovative RSG automation concepts

for Narrow Fabrics such as straps, webbings & belts

Multifunctional manufacturing lines for the fully- or semi-automated assembly for all kind of straps, belts and webbings in different variations Usable for all narrow fabrics, made out of cotton or polyester, e.g.:
  • Safety and Security belts
  • Airbag-Straps
  • Lashings and tension straps
  • Heavy-Duty belts
  • Hook & Loop material
  • Packing material
  • Endless flat slings, Webbing Slings
  • Hoisting belts
  • Lifting Slings
Our lines combine different products-steps and offers thereby drastic time savings and increase production!
  • Automated Unrolling, Cutting, Dispensing, Folding, Melting, Sewing, Rolling and Batching of the material
  • Automated Feeding, Folding and Processing of hooks, ratchets and buckles in different sizes and variations
  • Marked errors in webbings can be recognized and cut-out automatically
  • The finished confected parts can be finally packed automatically
  • Flexible machine concepts, usable for all kinds of webbings, straps and belts, made-out of different materials, and all on the market available buckles, hooks and ratchets
  • All production-steps can be done fully automatically!