• Unwinding of yarn roll with a maximum of 5000 m
  • Simultaneous winding onto bobbins in one single operation
  • Easy assembly by inserting individual bobbins on a fast-clamping system
  • Precise adjustment of winding tension, irrespective of yarn thickness
  • Fully automated winding without additional adjustments

Your new benefits:

  • Prevention of costly sewing machine downtimes
  • No manual handling during winding necessary
  • Constant uniform bobbin installation and thus identical thread tension
  • Winding is always carried out under the same tension
  • Guaranteed perfect reproducibility of sewing process and seam appearance
  • Monitoring of winding with overflow protection
  • Ready to use twin-chamber bobbins
  • Easy handling with minimal cycle time
  • Ergonomic, compact and space-saving unit
  • Amortization of investment possible within a year

Please download our corresponding brochure:
RSG Bobbin Winder