Our innovative concept:

  • Manual bobbin case exchange currently still needs quite long setup times
  • The new RSG invention solves this problem forever!
  • Our SAT-controlled bobbin thread monitoring system recognizes empty bobbins
  • A modern gripper system opens the bobbin case automatically
  • The empty bobbin is removed and disposed of in a separate container
  • After removal of the empty bobbin, the gripper system takes up a new, full bobbin
  • Full bobbin transfer is carried out by a vertically rotating bobbin magazine
  • The new bobbin is automatically inserted into the sewing machine

Your unique advantages:

  • Revolutionary, fully automated system
  • Easy to install in most prevalent sewing systems
  • Only minimal production stops (about 6-8 sec)
  • Enormous production increase
  • Magazine assembly possible during ongoing production process
  • Unrivaled opportunity to manufacture during rest periods or after closing hours
  • Retrofitting of existing RSG equipment is possible any time
  • Torn thread detection by our patented colored bobbins with RSG CTMS (Color-Thread-Monitoring-System) by "Poke-Yoke"

Please downlaod our new brochure: 
RSG Bobbin Exchanger