Our new highlights

RSG provides the customer and product specific facility concepts in the field of "Kids' Safety" almost everywhere in the world. These include all safety belt systems, harnesses and restraining belts (possibly with buckles, crotches, mountings and locks) for seats, chairs, carry bags, protection-straps, shopping carts, etc.

All products connected with this can be made as a combination efficiently and cost-effectively independent of location at RSG fully or semi-automatic production facilities.

  • The flexible overall concept allows customized processing according to the requirements of our customers and their individual products.
  • Products, such as on the picture above, can be made fully automated. These product lines have to be only fed with materials, but can otherwise produce unmanned. Our monitoring technology guarantees a correct manufacturing of all products.
  • More complex products, e.g. with sophisticated buckles and locks, can be processed according to the respective requirements on fully monitored, semi-automatic work stations.  Here, we capitalize on universal template technology, which can be fed with up to 3 products at the same time.
  • With our innovative "Tandem Concept" two machines can be operated at the same time by one person. This allows a markedly increased production performance with low personnel costs.
  • All machines are offered with our patented sewing monitoring technology, on which you can find more detailed information here: